Collingwood Public Library - Collingwood, Ontario

In 2007, I won the Wong Gregersen Dabrus Architects Inc. Artist Competition Commission to paint the architectural rendering of the new Collingwood Public Library. From the direction of architect, Henry Wong, who is an artist as well, I created this painting from architectural drawings. The painting was to convey not only the look of the building but also the feeling. My initial painting did not include people, but the board decided part way through that they wanted some people in it (in 1800s fashion to show the old meeting the new) which I reluctantly included. 
This painting was then used for visual impact in presentations related to the library and so that the public could see the vision of the building. This was very important as it is a modern style building in a historic town and there were two very definite schools of people who were for the new building and people who were against it. This painting was meant to relay the warmth as well as the inner and outer beauty of the building. I decided to make it a nighttime scene so that it would glow even more.
Funny story…before I even started the painting, Henry told me I had to use straight lines for this painting (since my style can have quite a flair) and I think that was to appeal to the old school. In his architectural design, he was thoughtfully looking to honour and represent the past while incorporating modern architecture and ideas. This matched my artwork theme of presenting traditional subject matter with a new modern twist. The icing on the cake for me, as a tree hugger, was the fact that this building was going to be LEED Gold certified. "As a LEED Gold initiative, water conservation, xeriscape planting, and promotion of alternate modes of transportation were important project objectives. Further to capturing and storing rainwater and enhancing roof insulation, the green roof was designed as a public seating and educational space with views of Georgian Bay and the Niagara Escarpment."

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