Newfoundland to Me - Art Prints


Art prints from the original acrylic painting. This is the Anglican Cathedral, downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland, in its fresh, crisp Spring state. Having grown up mostly in St. John's, this to me means downtown - old architecture, stone buildings, rock walls, wrought iron, tradition, history, colour and fresh air...and sometimes sunshine too. This is one of the few paintings I did of Newfoundland while I lived away for 10 years. It made me too homesick. So from the steps below the Masonic Temple wall to the right, while we were home visiting in 2007, this special angle became the inspiration for my painting. 

Noteworthy: This cathedral barely survived the Great Fire of 1892. "Its rapid progress alarmed city residents, and by six o'clock many began storing their valuables in stone churches and buildings they believed could withstand the flames. As the fire made its way downtown, however, it also gutted many of these structures. Within hours, the fire had destroyed almost all of St. John's, leaving 11,000 people homeless and causing $13 million in property damage."

"Founded in 1699 as a parish church, and consecrated as a Cathedral in 1850, this is the oldest Anglican establishment in Canada."