School Daze - Art Prints


Art prints from the original 8x8" acrylic inks on paper painting. 

I had my eye on this angle as soon as I photographed the reference shot early August here on the beach in Holyrood (Newfoundland). What a glorious summer evening it was...not only were the capelin rolling, but so were the cod and squid! The beach was packed with families, fisherpeeps and photographers as the sun set. The beef buckets and nets for catching the capelin were a-plenty. I imagine it was like the old days in Newfoundland when we had tons of fish all the time, any time. 
I made (and posted on FB) a 2 minute timelapse video of the making of this painting...from the pencil drawing, to the pen, to the acrylic inks, to the finished piece. It's pretty cool. I have always been fascinated with seeing something being made from beginning to end. From nothing to something in a flash!
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