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Have a Big Boring Wall?

Hang and enjoy a window into memories and conversations! “Blowing in the Wind” is, by far, my most popular painting. This bold format creates an impactful decor focal point with a splash of colour while stirring up happy memories - a real conversation piece! Arrives at your door stretched and ready to hang...

32X96" Canvas Print of Blowing in the Wind

Happy Art Clients

“I love Newfoundland. When we last visited, I wanted to bring a piece of it home with me. We came across Keli-Ann’s paintings and I fell in love with their authenticity and vibrant colours. I was in awe of her gift of capturing simple beauty. 

As a birthday gift, my hubby bought the first two paintings for me. It was important to get them home safely. Keli-Ann was so kind and arranged everything! And they arrived via Canada Post in pristine condition. But there were three more paintings that just needed to be together. So we started to add to our collection. They all arrived by mail. Keli-Ann wrapped each with meticulous care. Each one came with a note of thanks - a wonderful connection to an artist we admire.

The five paintings grace the walls in our entryway. They calm me. They welcome friends and family. The pictures offer a sense of adventure, a story. I see the ocean as I sit on a fishing boat. I feel the love shared over a back porch. I hear the wind whipping through a girl’s hair as she delights in a snowy ride. I cherish the pride of the first catch and wander down the lane to the dock.

Thank you, Keli-Ann, for sharing your incredible gift. Everyone who visits our home loves your paintings!“
~ Katherine & family (Ontario, Canada)