Fundraiser Art Donation Requests

Thanks for considering my artwork for your local Newfoundland event. Due to the high volume of requests I get every year for donations, I currently offer a 50/50 deal for those interested. 

What that means is I will offer a print for your fundraiser and whatever the total you receive for the print, you get half and I get half [my half being capped at the full retail value of the print]. 

Example: Say the print I am giving you is $400. If you get $500 for it, you get $250 and I get $250. If you get $1000 in your fundraising effort, I get $400 [retail value cap] and you get $600. 

How does that sound?

Please include the DATE of the event, WHERE it is taking place, and what TYPE of event it is i.e. live auction, silent auction, tickets sold, etc.

I will also need to know where the print can be delivered, preferably to a business, within 1/2 an hour drive of St. John's and a contact number. My hubby, Besh, delivers the donations.

If you would like to proceed, please contact me with the above information and I will then suggest which piece I think will do well in your event. 

Cheers & thanks. Keli-Ann