Brigus Cottage - Newfoundland

I was commissioned to create this acrylic inks on paper painting before I was even doing art for a living. My friend, who owned this cottage at the time c. 1998 wanted a painting of his place in Brigus, Newfoundland to have in his St. John's home. I felt a lot of pressure because he wanted a big piece and I hadn't done a large commissioned piece like this before, but once I got started it just fell out of me onto the paper. I love the way the sun splashes along the ground. When I was almost finished I decided to add the fence in the front to break up the dull pavement. I was impressed with how well this piece turned out and it gave me more confidence in my work moving forward :)

I no longer accept commissions. There are no prints of this painting. Shop for prints of my Newfoundland paintings.