Make Believe Collingwood - Ontario

This acrylic on canvas piece is called “Make Believe Collingwood” c.2008 and has a funny back story to it 😊 This is an imaginary version I created of the main street of Collingwood, Ontario. During my early years in the art, I was commissioned MANY times to do “my version” of the main street. So each time I accepted, I came up with a new way to present the same street. But I told myself “Once this painting is finished, it is going to be the last one I am going to do of this street…I have re-created it every way I can artistically muster.” But when I revealed the painting to the owners, they just didn’t click with it! They felt bad telling me and I felt bad they didn’t love it since this is the only commission I’ve ever done that my client wasn’t totally happy with it. In my want to please them, I did a WHOLE OTHER PAINTING of the main street for them (which they loved!) and a couple of days later I sold “Make Believe Collingwood” during a studio tour to someone who just fell head over heels for it! Happy clients…happy artist!

I no longer accept commissions. There are no prints of this painting. Shop for prints of my Newfoundland paintings.