The Hills of Holyrood - Full and Half Landscapes


My harbourview landscape painting of Holyrood, Newfoundland, from the Marina on the left to Holy Cross School on the far right. Available in 3 formats: 1. a one piece full landscape 2. just the left half (Marina to Star of the Sea), and 3. just the right half (George Cove Mountain to Holy Cross School) - depending on your space and area of interest. Includes the Marine Institute, A Schooner Inn B&B, The Tea Garden, Station Diner, Beach Cottage, Holy Cross Church, minke and humpback whales, and eagles.

Since my grandmother is from here (her house is in the painting), and we have lived in this beautiful town since 2009, I felt Holyrood’s Come Home Year 2019 was the perfect opportunity to finally take my vision and get it onto canvas. 

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